Calculating Key Performance Indicators for Smart Grids and Energy Storage projects. Thesis available!

Daniel Hernandez Maldonado, Consultant at Technofi, has concluded an Advanced Master’s in Energy Marketing and Management at Grenoble Ecole de Management with a thesis entitled “Calculating Key Performance Indicators for Smart Grids and Energy Storage projects”. This work has been developed under the supervision of Sophie Dourlens-Quaranta, Director of the Sustainable Electricity Department of Technofi.

As Technofi has been solicited to support the BRIDGE initiative, further to a coordinating and supporting role, Technofi has proposed to elaborate an evaluation tool which aims at calculating key performance indicators (KPIs) to shape the socio-economic impacts of use cases/business models of smart grids and energy storage solutions. This tool intends to be crucial for a first cost-benefit analysis that would help the BRIDGE Business Model Working Group to determine the viability of the targeted H2020 projects on different scenarios in several countries.

The main target of this mission was to create a tool which would allow to different energy-related stakeholders to exchange about the economic and technical issues of their projects. This “simple” tool may facilitate the discussions between the concerned actors of the smart grids and storage projects. The calculator would serve as a guidance in order to enhance the debate between stakeholders allowing to perform quick analysis which will help to understand the missing elements, technologies, subventions and/or political conditions that could let a project to be economically profitable and facilitate its deployment.

We invite you to read this work, available in the following  link: Daniel Hernandez Maldonado Thesis.