Project proposal set up

TECHNOFI assists you in the construction of your project from its set up to the signature of the funding contract.

Innovation is a central lever in your development, whether technological, organizational or related to your business model. Support tools are available each year to help finance your research and development projects.

Despite the attractiveness of these grants, these instruments are often not well known and difficult to access, particularly in the complexity of the procedures to be carried out.

TECHNOFI has the skills to assist you in the construction of a project that is consistent with both your development strategy and the applicable financing instruments (call for projects calendar).


For projects with European ambition, funding instruments include Horizon 2020, a funding instrument covering several programs:

French funding solutions

In France we are particularly interested in the programme “investissement d’avenir” managed by BPI France and ADEME

The “Investissements d’Avenir” Programme

The “Investissements d’Avenir” Programme (PIA) aims to modernize and strengthen the competitiveness of our country, by fostering investment and innovation in prime sectors that generate growth and jobs.

The “Projets Industriels d’Avenir” action

The “Projets Industriels d’Avenir” action (PIAVE) is the result of an agreement between the State and BPIfrance since end 2014. The aim of this scheme is to finance the industrial projects with the greatest growth potential in terms of activity and employment within the French industrial sectors, as well as projects having and environmental and energy efficient impact. Expected projects must present an eligible expenditure of more than EUR 3 million, for a grant of up to 50% of this expenditure.