Align your teams on a shared clear vision

  • You need help to collectively define and shape roadmaps aiming at reinforcing team’s motivation for an effective implementation of the decided actions

  • Offer

    TECHNOFI helps you build a tailored approach in line with your challenges in order to:

    • shape long-term prospective visions
    • position your innovation portfolio with respect to competition
    • design development plans
    • lead working groups for a collective commitment
  • Method:

    TECHNOFI assists you in the design and the implementation of your innovation strategy:

    • Define challenges and milestones
    • Conduct SWOT analysis on the foreseen innovation projects
    • Structure the investment needs
    • Build realistic action plans with quantified progress indicators

Missions / projects


REALISEGRID : REseArch, methodoLogIes and technologieS for the effective development of pan-European key GRID infrastructures to support the achievement of a reliable, competitive and sustainable electricity supply – CE DG Energy, 2008-2011


Roadmap for PV and CSP technologies – ADEME, 2009-2010


“European Electricity Grid Initiative”: roadmap 2010-2020 – Grouping of 7 TSOs and 7 DSOs 2008-2010


– Diffusion of new Energy Technologies in the building sector – ADEME-DGCIS, 2008
– Smart networks, demand side management and decentralised electricity production: initiative for a French national programme – EC 2006-2007


RELIANCE : CooRdination perspectives of the European transmission network research activities to optimise the reLIAbility of power supply, usiNg a systemiC approach, involving growing distributed generation and renewable energy markEts. – EC 2005-2007


Expanding the Competitive Intelligence in the European Distributed Energy Resources Sector – EC, 2005-2007


The construction of a first version of the R&D roadmap for sustainable building that lead to the buildings R&D roadmap approved by the European Commission for Horizon 2020 – 2012


CleanProd: Observing, Linking, Coordinating and ConsoLidating RTD actions in Europe in order to support effective and efficient innovAtion on sustaiNable PRODuction processes with the use of innovative technologies – 2006-2008


Support to the construction of the roadmap “Key Technologies for Mechanics 2010” – 2006


  • “Final WP1 report on cost/benefit analysis of innovative technologies and grid technologies roadmap report validated by the external Partners REALISEGRID, EC-funded FP7 project”
    Read the publication
  • “Prospects for the transmission planning in Europe towards a sustainable energy future: the REALISEGRID project”, C1-105 CIGRE 2010
    Read the publication