Sustainable electricity

Technical and economic studies to prepare, validate and manage changes related to energy transition

Preparing the transition of the electricity system

Renewable energy sources development, energy efficiency, infrastructure modernization and integration of new technologies are some of the measures adopted by the European Union to provide to citizens and businesses a reliable, environment-friendly and affordable energy, while creating new competences and new jobs.

New challenges

This new context is source of economic and environmental progress – but is also bringing new challenges:

  • How to adapt the electricity system to allow the massive injection of wind or solar energy – generated in a variable and non-controllable manner?
  • How to benefit from the flexibility sources represented by consumers (industries, service sector, households)?
  • Which technologies to implement on transmission and distribution grids to ensure the reliability and flexibility of the power system?
  • How to finance in an efficient and fair manner this energy transition at the European level?
  • Which business models for smart grids?

TECHNOFI carries out technical and-economic studies for its clients to accompany them in the preparation, validation and management of their innovative developments in order to meet the challenges of the energy transition at European level.

Solution :

OPTIMATE : modelling tool for the analysis of different market design options to integrate national electricity markets towards a single market in EU, taking into account massive deployment of renewable electricity sources

Missions / projects


The INTENSYS4EU coordination and support action has been selected by the European a Commission to support the work of the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET) gathering actors from electricity, storage and ICT but also heating, transport and gas.

TECHNOFI is the technical director of INTENSYS4EU. Our role is to coordinate the definition of the next research and innovation (R&I) activities for the energy transition in Europe.


The e-Highway2050  project aimed at developing a methodology to support the planning of the Pan-European Transmission Network, focusing on 2020 to 2050, to ensure the reliable delivery of renewable electricity and pan-European market integration.

TECHNOFI was in charge of coordinating the collection of relevant data for technology components (generation, storage, transmission and demand) that will be used as inputs for the simulations and analyses, and was involved in the packaging and dissemination as well as the exploitation of the project’s results.


Market4RES investigated the potential evolution of the European Target Model for the integration of EU electricity markets that will enable a sustainable, functioning and secure power system with large amounts of renewables.

TECHNOFI was in charge of assessing the appropriate market instruments for RES-E to meet the 20/20/20 targets, by using the OPTIMATE simulation platform


Grid+Storage : Complementing the activities performed so far by the European Electricity Grid Initiative (EEGI) and the Grid+ project, the Grid+Storage consortium led by TECHNOFI and gathering EASEEDSOENTSO-ERSE and VITO has been selected by the European Commission to support DG Energy and the Member States in defining a European R&D roadmap integrating energy storage into grid research and innovation activities, both at electricity transmission and distribution levels.

GridInnovation on line

GridInnovation-on-line aims at facilitating knowledge flows and exchanges among new, ongoing or completed research and innovation projects contributing to the EEGI R&D roadmap. TECHNOFI has developed GridInnovation-on-line in the framework of the Grid+ project and is the administrator of the platform.


The GARPUR project designs, develops, assesses and evaluates new reliability criteria to be progressively implemented on the pan-European power transmission system over the next decades, while maximising social welfare. TECHNOFI is in charge of designing and implementing the dissemination strategy of the project to make policy makers, regulators and all involved bodies of the electricity value chain ready to adopt new reliability management criteria, and of preparing the future exploitation of the project’s results.


In the framework of the BRIDGE initiative of the European Commission, which unites Horizon 2020 Smart Grid and Energy Storage Projects to create a structured view of transversal and non-technological issues, TECHNOFI is developing a tool to evaluate and compare the profitability of different business models, and assess under which conditions a given business model can be profitable.

For a Transmission System Operator in Europe, TECHNOFI carried out a study to assess the flexibility potential of the tertiary sector (services, trading…


  • Success factors for the effective use of smart grid RD&I projects’ results, Professional thesis, Coralie Badajoz, December 2017.  For more information, please contact
  • Calculating Key Performance Indicators for Smart Grids and Energy Storage projects”, Professional thesis, Daniel Hernandez Maldonado, December 2016. Link
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    Read the report (PDF – 1,2Mo)
  • Report “Roadmap for RES penetration under the current Target Model high-level principles (2014-2020). Part 1” (D6.1.1, June 2016).
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    Read the report (PDF – 1,4Mo)
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    Read the report (PDF – 1,4Mo).
  • Report on “Quantification of the expected impacts coming from evolutions of RES support schemes and demand flexibility” (D4.2)
    Read the summary  (PDF – 296Ko)
    Read the full report (full report) (PDF – 3,7Mo)
  • Report on detailed specifications of the studies that will be performed within Market4RES WP4 with the OPTIMATE prototype simulation platform to analyse and compare selected short-term electricity market architecture options based on quantitative indicators (D4.1).
    Read the summary (PDF  – 189Ko – Mai 2015)
    Read the report (PDF – 1,9Mo)
    Read the full report  (PDF – 3,9Mo)
  • Grid+Storage – Final version of the Integrated Implementation Plan of R&I activities 2016-2018 here (June 2015)
    Read the report (PDF – 1Mo)
  • Grid+Storage – Technical analysis of on-going projects here (June 2015)
    Read the report (PDF – 1Mo)
  • Grid+Storage Monitoring report D3.2 « Technical analysis of past and on-going projects » by TECHNOFI, EASE, EDSO, ENTSO-E, RSE and VITO
    Read the report (PDF – 6,5 Mo)
  • “A Modelling Breakthrough for Market Design Analysis to Test Massive Intermittent Generation Integration in Markets Results of selected OPTIMATE studies – 2013
    Read it on the optimate website
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