Sustainable manufacturing

Resource efficiency diagnosis of manufacturing processes and value chains towards improving competitiveness and reducing environmental impact

Produce better while consuming less

The main challenge for a company is to provide its customers with high quality products, short delays and competitive prices.

In order to fulfill these requirements while conforming to more and more persistent environmental regulations, it is assumed that making the best use of the resources needed for production (raw materials, fluids, energy, processing time, workforce, supply, etc.) represents a significant competitive advantage.

Whether it is designed for SMEs or corporate companies, resource efficiency within production facilities or between different stakeholders requires:

  • to diminish costs and/or amounts of raw materials needed for production,
  • to better manage supply flows and interfaces with the different stakeholders of the value chain the company belongs to (suppliers, subcontractors, customers),
  • to manage in an optimal way manufacturing processing times,
  • to reduce energy inputs,
  • to set up recycling procedures that allow for real paybacks, or
  • to have a detailed knowledge of the workforce per activity or workstation.

TECHNOFI carries out exhaustive resource efficiency diagnosis for its clients so as to identify alternative options that allow them to improve their competitiveness, while reducing their environmental impact.

Our solution

TECHNOFI is co-developer of a decision making tool coming from an R&D collaborative European project (MEMAN). This tool does not only allow for modelling material and energy flows within single production units or in complex value chains and for identifying potential improvement options, but allows also for assessing economic and environmental impacts of alternative improvement scenarios.

The approach is consistent with energy certification in industry (EN 16247-3) for which TECHNOFI is qualified by OPQIBI (certification N° 16 04 3203).

Missions / projects


EFFI-PROD, which targets manufacturing SMEs in the PACA region (France), aims at maximizing resources efficiency (material and energy) in view of improving competitiveness. The EFFI-PROD project is supported by ADEME, the PACA region and TECHNOFI.

In close collaboration with the participating industrials, TECHNOFI carries out on-site diagnosis and models production processes for allowing companies to master their actual material and energy flows. Improvement solutions are made so as to quickly set up alternative manufacturing options in order to achieve cost savings.


In the context of climate change, increasing scarcity and rising prices of resources, improving resources efficiency is becoming an increasingly significant factor in manufacturing sector. MEMAN aims at supporting European companies in the metal mechanical sector (casting, machining, surface finishing) in their efforts to maximise their resource saving potential and increase competitiveness.

TECHNOFI is an active participant in the project and is mainly involved in developing an integrated approach to gather data on partner industrial sites, developing an innovative tool to analyse material and energy flows both at company and value chain level and in carrying out simulations on actual production processes in view of proposing alternative improvement options and new business models.