Success factors for the effective use of smart grid RD&I projects’results

Coralie BADAJOZ, Senior Consultant at Technofi, has achieved a double degree programme leading to a specialized Master in International Energy Management with Mines Paristech school in France and a Master of Engineering with Tsinghua University in China. Her thesis is entitled “Success factors for the effective use of smart grid RD&I projects’results”. This work has been developed under the supervision of Sophie Dourlens-Quaranta, Director of the Sustainable Electricity Department of Technofi.

The aim was to identify recommendations for the effective exploitation of smart grids research projects results towards effective use within the European Union. The output is based on a specific approach due to the privileged position of TECHNOFI. The methodology developed takes into account two dimensions:

  • an inter-project approach with the European projects involved in the ETIP SNET platform and the BRIDGE initiative;
  • an intra-project approach with two projects related to the power grid MIGRATE and GARPUR.

The work achieved consists in success factors sheets gathering recommendations classified by categories of research projects: Regulated activities; Energy Storage; Flexibility of demand and generation; Digitisation and Transversal aspects. Each recommendation is linked to an existing RD&I project so as to be practical.

This work will benefit several actors: TECHNOFI by improving its approach when supporting its clients in the construction of their RD&I projects, the BRIDGE initiative by tackling the Business Models Issues faced by the projects, the MIGRATE project (starting project) by taking into account the feedbacks collected from the GARPUR project (ending project), the Working Group 5 of the ETIP SNET by feeding their strategic thinking on the innovation implementation in the business environment, any H2020 RD&I projects aiming at the effective use of their results and will feed the EU energy roadmap.

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