MEMAN finds new data collection method for resource efficiency

4 May 2017, Brussels – The ambition of MEMAN is to craft an approach that optimises resource efficiency in three clusters of manufacturing processes: casting, machining and surface finishing. The starting point to develop this innovative approach is the collection of a considerable amount of quantitative data related to material and energy flows all along the value chain, up to the machines and utilities within the companies involved.

MEMAN succeeded in finding a new solution for the collection of data. The project created a template for gathering the information, both within a single company and across all the companies of an entire industrial value chain. The collected data will feed into modelling and simulations that will spot different options to reduce the use of raw materials, energy and supplies along the selected value chains in the mechanical engineering, automotive and aerospace industries.

Olivier Leroux, Industrial and Sustainable Performance Manager at CETIM (France), explains “Collecting the right data can be as big a problem as creating a model. Businesses are quite reluctant in sharing their data because they consider it is not in their interest and they are afraid they might lose control of their data. MEMAN contributed a great deal to this matter. As the data we had available would influence our overall method to improve the use of resources, we created a new template for data collection that needs less information to work properly”.